GPRS/GPS(BD) Vehicle Satellite Positioning and Tracking System

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The GPS/GPRS vehicle satellite positioning and tracking system is a new-generation vehicle positioning terminal independently developed by the company. It can be used to locate and track moving targets such as vehicles and ships when carried by vehicle GPS,realizing application service system integrating monitoring and dispatching, trajectory analysis, alarm processing, anti-theft and anti-robbery. The application service system integrating information release, operation management and statistical analysis can meet the monitoring and positioning management requirements of mobile targets for various industries.

The system is suitable for logistics, rental, public transportation, long-distance passengers, dangerous goods transportation, shipping and other industries.

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Terminal technical paramter

Working voltageDC9V 36V Working current<60mA ( DC12V )

Temperature and humidityunder tropical climate-20℃ +70℃20% 95%

Backup battery3.6V/350mA

Outer dimension64mmX48mmX24mm

Applicable attitude bellow 5000m, marked as

Communication module parameters

Working temperatureDC3.4V4.5V Peak current1.5A

Working temperature-20 +70℃

GSM supports foure frequency bandGSM850/900/1800/1900MHz

GPS module parameter

  Working pressureDC3.0 3.6V working current<50mA

      Hot Start<5S Cold start<60S

      Baud rate9600bps Time pulse1PPS

      positioning accuracy<10m Number of channels20

      Operating temperature-40 +85℃ Tracking sensitivity<-160


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