Shangyu Transportation Vehicle Solution

System Features

Powerful vehicle accurate positioning, real-time monitoring, efficient scheduling

Steering state (forward rotation, reverse rotation and stop rotation) of concrete concrete tanks on the vehicle

Support a variety of industry operations, user-friendly business development in the future

The system architecture adopts C/S and B/S hybrid architecture, which is convenient for users to use in various occasions.

Faster and more reliable with Beidou+GPS joint positioning

Support multiple communication methods at the same time, including GSM/CDMA short message, GPRS, 3G

Support the terminal to collect the transportation data of safety dangerous goods such as oil level and temperature on the vehicle;

The vehicle terminal fully complies with national and industry standards and has passed relevant quality certification.

Terminal equipment with remote diagnosis and remote upgrade function, maintenance and management is more convenient

Recommended configuration

CR606G GPS integrated oil level sensor + Changrun digital positive and negative sensor