Gas station oil tank monitoring solution


CR-6062 Industrial oil level transmitter

This series of transmitters is a metrology-grade measuring instrument with high resolution and measurement accuracy. Mainly used in large engineering vehicles, tank trucks, oil depots and various industrial sites to measure various liquid levels.

● Detection range: 500-5000mm
● Pressure range: -0.1MPa-5MPa
● Ambient temperature: -40-65℃
● Resolution: 0.01mm
● Probe diameter: Φ25
● Output signal: 4-20mA/RS485
● Power supply: DC20-28V
● Fixing method: threaded M30×2 DN25 flange, special specifications can be customized according to requirements
● Explosion-proof grade: Explosion-proof ExdIICT5
● Accuracy level: 0.2/0.5

Gas station monitoring system software + CR6062 liquid level transmitter
The main function
1. Software hierarchical authority management, with stand-alone version and online version.
2. The software can form a monitoring network through RS485 or CAN. The software supports RS232, RS485, CAN mixed networking functions; up to 64 oil tanks can be monitored, and the oil value and oil level height value of each oil tank can be monitored at the same time. And the unloading situation.
3. The monitoring polling time can be set freely according to the characteristics of each gas station.
4. It can freely set the high and low alarm values according to the site conditions to prevent oil shortage and fuel overflow, and has sound and light alarm function.
5. The software supports leak detection.
6. The oil level value, oil level value and oil quantity curve of the tank are displayed in real time, and the communication status of each tank is displayed in real time, and the historical data curve inquiry function is provided.
7. Has database management functions: basic functions such as backup, sorting, and clearing.
8. The system is easy to operate, intuitive, efficient and practical.