Fuel sensors Overview

Description of fuel sensors

Fuel level sensor is widely used in fuel, water, kerosene, chemical tanks and suitable for truck, generators/gen set, bus and marine field. With the electromagnetic induction principle,

it can output signal stably and continuously. The sensor uses plastic and aluminum alloy material and has the characteristics of light weight and low cost.

Feature of fuel sensors

1. Plastic and aluminum alloy material, light weight and low cost

2. Simple and strong structure, anti-vibration

3. Reed switch, steady output signal

4. Long using life, wear resistance

5. Without limitation of environment

6. Length can be customized



 1.Q: How long is the delivery?

   – Mostly within 10days

 2.Q:Can I get a sample? 

   –  Sure, contact our sales please

 3.Q:What is your MOQ? 

   –  1pcs

 4.Q: How about warranty time? 

   – 12-18month

 5.Q: How can I visit your factory?

Fly to Xian Yang air port, it’s our pleasure to pick you up.

 6.Q:How do you control your quality ?

    — We have EPR system .we control from parts, process, testing, packing ,retesting.

Every Sensor will be tested two times before reach you, after that sport test for the third time. Make sure about the quantity.


Ordering guide of pressure sensor

In order to recommend the suitable sensor, please kindly advise us the following information

1..What is your testing medium ?  oil, water, gas, waster water, or others.

2.Working temperature of the sensor ?  -40°C~100°C or others

3.Pressure range ?  -1-0bar,0-1bar,0-16bar,0-40bar,0-100bar,0-600bar or others

4.Output signal?  4-20mA, 0-5V ,0.5-4.5V,0-10V,RS485 or other

5.Electronic connection ?   DIN43650 ,Packard, Aerial plug, direct cable or others.

6.Screw ? M20×1.5,G1/4,G1/2,R1/2,NPT1/2

Post time: Jul-05-2019