CR-60 series level transmitter

CR-60 series capacitive level transmitter is suitable for the continuous detection of a variety of liquid which is in the harsh conditions of high temperature and pressure, high corrosion, easy to crystallize, and easy to plug. It is suitable for measuring water, acid and alkali solutions, and the water level in the boiler, there are no any movable or flexible parts in the whole machine , and have the characteristic of impact resistance, easy installation, high reliability, high precision, and cost is reasonable. It can replace the traditional float type, input type, differential pressure type of level transmitter in various situations.

The key parts adopt advanced RF capacitive sensing circuit which are precisely compensated by temperature and linearity corrected and then transformed into a standard electrical signal (usually 4 ~ 20 mA). There is an option of HART, CANBUS, and 485 communication protocols for system configuration. The full range of the transmitters have a self-calibration feature, users can get ”zero”, “range” automatic calibration by using two key, in order to adapt to the different requirements of a complex situation.

Products comply with GB3836.4-2000 electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres   Part 4  intrinsically safe” if”and GB3638.1-2000 electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres Part 1   General requirements, anti-explosion mark: Exia Ⅱ C T6,it is suitable for zone 0, zone 1, zone 2, containing II A ~ II C class, T1 ~ T6 group explosive gas mixture place, and inspected by the State Explosion Protected Electrical Products Quality Inspection Center, gain a ​​explosion-proof card, ID: CNEx08.1965

Post time: Aug-13-2019