Magneto-strictive liquid level gauge

Short Description:

   The magneto-strictive level gauge is mainly used for continuous measurement of liquid level and liquid interface. Applications include: petroleum, chemical raw material storage, industrial processes, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, tank management and gas station underground inventory, liquid level industrial metering and control, ship (dock), dam water level, reservoir water level monitoring and sewage treatment.  

The structural part of the magneto-strictive liquid level sensor is composed of a stainless steel tube (measuring probe), a magnetostrictive wire (waveguide wire), a movable float (with a permanent magnet inside), and a precision detecting circuit.  

When the sensor is operating, the circuit portion will excite a pulsed current on the waveguide wire that will generate a pulsed electromagnetic field around the waveguide wire as it propagates along the waveguide wire. A float is arranged outside the sensor probe, and the float can move up and down along the probe as the liquid level changes. There is a set of permanent magnetic rings inside the float. When the pulsed current magnetic field meets the magnetic ring magnetic field generated by the float, the magnetic field around the float changes so that the waveguide wire made of magnetostrictive material generates a torsional wave pulse at the position where the float is located,this pulse is transmitted back along the waveguide wire at a fixed speed and detected by the detection mechanism. By measuring the time difference between the pulse current and the torsional wave, the position of the float, that is, the position of the liquid surface, can be accurately determined.

Product Detail

Product Tags

 Product features

1)Contact measurement  

2)High precision, high stability, high reliability  

Long service life

4)Multiple signal output options

5)Reverse polarity protection  

6)Lightning protection, anti-radio frequency interference

7)Compact structure and strong environmental adaptability

8)No need for periodic calibration and maintenance  

9)Measure liquid level of tank with or without pressure  

10)Isolated explosion-proof type (optional)  

11)Easy installation  

Technical parameter:

Output form420mA05V010V±5V±10VRS-485( varies from model to model)

Linear errorsuperior to ±0.05%FSSensors with a range of less than 300 mm has an error of less than 150 μm

RepeadititySuperior to ±0.002%FS

Output temperature drift50ppm/℃  

Product power consumption≤50mA

Output ripple≤20mV  

Load capacity420mA outputLoad capacity≤500Ω ;  

05V010V outputController load≥5KΩ

Measuring probe material0Cr18Ni9Ti1Cr18Ni9Ti  

Electronic warehouse casing material1Cr18Ni9Ti or aluminium die casting

Lead wire way

a.Shielded cable connection, default length 2m (can be customized according to user requirements)  

              b.Aviation plug connection

              c.Terminal block connection  

Explosion typeExiaIIBT4ExdIICT5(Depending on the model)

IP gradeIP65  

Installationthread mountingflange mountingPositioning ring installationSuspension installation or user-specific customization (depending on model)  



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