Electric contact liquid level transmitter

Short Description:

Electric contact level transimitter is a professional instrument specially designed for the measurement and remote transmission of boiler water level. It changes the over 4 way multi signal to two wire 4-20mA industrial standard signal, which make it easy to connect with various digital instrument or computer, realize accurate measurement and control of boiler level. With this transmitter, no matter how many electric contacts, only one two-wire cable are needed between transducer unit and disply unit, this will also save lots of cable cost than other electric contact instrument, it also has the functuon of automatic scaling to the electrode of boiler.

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Main characteristics and parameter:

Unique anti-polarization technique which effectively electrode scaling.

Step-by-step switch circuit structure, even if individual contacts are damaged, it doesn’t affect the overall control function.

1~4~24~48 point electrode signal or reed switch signal.

Output signal: 4-20mA standard current signal

Supply voltage: 7.5~30VDC

 Off resistance≥300KOn-state resistance

Over nine points has the on site disply function

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