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Model CR606-HT

The debug tool is used to read the data of Changrun’s full range of fuel sensors and accessories, set its function parameters and perform fault diagnosis. It can completely replace the work of the computer, and has the advantages of convenient carrying and simple operation.

The debug tool can first be used to calibrate the fuel tank. It can simultaneously read the instantaneous percentage of the oil volume, the instantaneous digital value, the filtering percentage, and the filtered digital value. The liquid level status of the current device is displayed. The debug tool supports both RS232/RS485 digital signals and can set the RS232/RS485 signal listening mode (receive data only).

Other functions of this product include: setting RS232/RS485 digital communication fuel volume sensor, CR606TS signal conversion module, CR606TC modem damping value, equipment ID, timing report, resistance table (CR606TC specific), debugging original car fuel meter, reading  the internal parameters of the sensor and accessories.


● Working voltage: built-in lithium battery 1000mAh 3.7V

● Communication method: RS232/RS485

● Operating temperature: -35 ° C – +70 ° C

● Output voltage: DC 10V

● Set the resistance: 4-200Ω

● Volume: length 109mm width 52mm height 23mm


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