CR606T Replace the original type

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Replacing the original vehicle oil level sensor is a series of products that are developed in consideration of the complex demand environment of the site and refer to the function, appearance and installation method of the original vehicle sensor. This product can replace the original vehicle sensor when it is used, no need to punch holes, and does not damage the original vehicle line. Not only saves installation time, but also saves installation costs, and at the same time makes the original vehicle meter display more accurate. The supporting CR606TC modem supports a variety of output information, not only can drive the original vehicle instrument, but also can transmit digital information to the satellite positioning vehicle terminal and other devices in real time.

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Technical Parameters
● Detection range: 100~1400mm
● Working temperature: -35-+70℃
● Output signal: carrier communication
● Power supply: provided by the modem      Note: Valid range
● Fixed method: directly replace the vehicle car sensor
● Explosion-proof grade: Explosion-proof ExdllC T5
● Accuracy level: ±1%

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