CR-6021 Series High Temperature High Pressure liquid level meter

Short Description:

     CR-602 series high temperature high pressure liquid level sensor is suitable for the continuous measurement of liquid(things) level of high pressure equipment,container in industrial production process.Transmit output 4-20mA direct standard signal. It can be directly used in connecting use and automatic control of electric Ⅲ type instrument and computer. The tube is made of special material which make it can work under 250℃ for long time. Special designed automatic sealing structure , the greater the pressure the sealing stricter.safely avoid medium leakage.

     The core components of the product are converted into standard electrical signals (generally 4-20mA) by using advanced radio frequency capacitance detection circuit to conduct precise temperature compensation and linear correction through 16-bit single-chip microcomputer. 485 communication protocol can be used in system configuration. All series of transmitters have the function of on-site calibration. Users can press the button to carry out “zero point” and “range”, so as to meet the different requirements of various complex places.

      The product conforms to GB3836.4-2000《Electrical equipment for explosive gas environment – part 4: intrinsically safe type “I”》and GB3638.1-2000《Electrical equipment in explosive gas environment – part 1: general requirements》explosion-proof mark:ExdⅡC T6, it is suitable for 0,1,2 zones which contains ⅡA-ⅡC category,T1~T6 group explosive gas mixture.This product has also been awarded explosion-proof certificate after testing qualified through national explosion-proof inspection center.


Product Detail

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● Measuring scope:0.01~10m

● Precision: 0.5

● Pressure scope: -0.1MPa~32MPa

●Tube temperature resistant: -50~200℃

●Tube diameter:φ8

●Tube Material:PTFE

● Storage temperature:-55℃~+125℃

●Output signal: 4~20mA、4-20mA with HART communication , 485 communication with 4-20mA

● Supply power: 12-28VDC (intrinsic safety type needs to be powered by safety grid)

●Fixed way:threaded installation:M20*1.5  M27*2 

Flange installation: DN15,DN25,DN40,DN50,DN80, special requirements can be         customized.

● Measuring tube material: 304、316 stainless steel、1Gr18Ni19Tior PTFE

● Explosion-proof:intrinsic safety ExiaⅡC T6  explosion-proof ExdⅡC T5

●Protection grade:IP67

● Intrinsic safety parameter:Ui:28VDC,Ii:93mA,Pi:0.65W,Ci:0.042uf, Li:0mH

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