CR-6033 Boiler Level Gauge

Short Description:

     The intelligent boiler level sensor is an economical boiler level sensor designed for small and medium-sized boilers. Based on radio frequency capacitance measurement technology, the product outputs 4-20mA continuous standard signal, which is used for accurate measurement and control of liquid level of small and medium-sized boiler drum.

    The liquid level sensor integrates high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-fluctuation performance together. The transformer part uses military devices to make the signal output more stable and reliable. The liquid level sensor is simple to install, maintenance quantity little, measurement and control accurate, cost-effective. It is the ideal replacement products of traditional differential pressure type, electrode type, magnetic flip plate type liquid level sensor


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    Technical features

    1、It has buffer structure, which can effectively prevent data fluctuation caused by boiler water billowing.

    2、The structure of the steam condensation chamber, which has obtained the invention patent can guarantee the consistency of the liquid level sensor and the temperature of the boiler drum body to the greatest extent.

    3、Inversion structure, ensure the safety and reliability of electrical part.

    4、Zero and full point adjustment no need observation of water level, sensor identification automatically.

    5、Optional HART agreement, can be equipped with field display.

     Technical Indicators

    Power: 24V DC

    Current loop: two wire, 4.00mA~20.00mA (±1%)

    Explosion-proof grade: ExiaIICT6

    Explosion-proof parameters: Ui=28VDC,Ii=93mA,Pi=0.65W,Ci=0.042uf,Li=10mH

    Working pressure: 1.6MPa max

    Detection range: 3000mm

    Measurement period: 0.1 second

    Environment temperature: -40~85℃

    Medium temperature:  220℃ Max

    IP grade: IP67