• Background of the Capacitive Liquid Level Sensor

    Background of the Capacitive Liquid Level Sensor

    Fluid level detectors which sense the level of a liquid contained within a receptacle are well known for use in conjunction with automotive engines. Historically, such detectors have been made in the form of float operated switches involving moving parts which are subject to friction and wear. O...
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  • Newly designed boiler level sensor

    Newly designed boiler level sensor

    Congratulations! Our newly designed  boiler level sensor has been formly published, it can be selled as normal products. The development of market has lead to the upgrading of products. I think all our products will be upgraded step by step.
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  • Company meeting

    Yesterdaty, all the employees just had the meeting about the development and plan for this month.  Each group of our company had been awarded their sale performance task. Hope we can accomplish our task successfully by the end of this month.
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  • ketel ontwikkeling

    ketel ontwikkeling

    Dankie vir die leier van besoek Sjanghai industriële ketel navorsingsinstituut se.
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