CR-6032 Intelligent Boiler Level Gauge

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CR 6032 series intelligent boiler level sensor is based on capacitance measurement principle. It uses positron-emission tomography technology to measure and analyze the dielectric constant of liquid and vapor medium,temperature,pressure and other parameters in the cylinder, After the microprocessor processing, the output conforms to the industrial standard 4-20mA current signal,RS485 digital signal can also be output.

Liquid level sensor compensates automatically in real time during operation without the affect of temperature, pressure, medium changes, good long-term stability. It is a full working condition, high cost performance drum level sensor which is suitable for boiler drum of generator set water level measurement like power plant, steel plant, cement plant.

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Technical features

Two-wire system, 4-20mA current loop, with a resolution of 0.1 mm and accuracy higher than 1%.

With tomographic, it can make continuous measurement and compensation for dielectric constant variation of liquid and vapor mediums.

With patented automatic calibration technology, it can automatically align the zero and full points in the process of emptying and water-adding of the liquid level meter.

The measurement is true and reliable due to that the level meter is directly connected with the drum body of boiler and the capacitive sensor is in direct contact with the liquid. 

The patented structure of steam condensing chamber can ensure the consistency of the temperature between the level meter and the boiler drum body to the maximum extent, so as to ensure the accurate of the water level measured. It can also effectively separate the steam from the water to prevent water drop on the surface of capacitive sensor, and avoid the impact of steam and water on the capacitive sensor.

Its inverted structure and automatic sealing function ensure the safety and reliability of the electrical parts.

It adopts advanced technologies for the whole parts, and is reliable and durable.

CR-6032Technical Indicators

Power: Max: 28V    Min: 15V  Typical: 24V

Current loop: two wire, 4.00mA~20.00mA (±1%)

Explosion-proof grade: ExiaIICT6

Explosion-proof parameters: Ui=30V,Ii=100mA,Pi=0.75W,Ci=100pF,Li=10uH       

Working pressure: 6.5MPa max  

Detection range: 1500mm

Measurement period: 0.1”

Environment temperature: -40~85℃

Medium temperature: 450℃ Max

IP grade: IP65



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